Monday, October 8, 2007

Tips in inspect your own car "engine"

Tips in inspect your own car "engine".
Taking care of your engine is important because it'll make you feel save on your journey when u drive your car. But not many people are know how to check even the engine oil or the battery water.
Here i will give you a simple guide how to check your engine.
1st open your car bonet.
2nd find the stick where it place at engine housing normaly marking with colour, pull out the stick and u can see the level of tour engine oil, please make sure your engine level is at max level, if below min level, "important" please add up/top up engine oil to max level.
3rd check your radiator water level, make sure it at max level also.
4th before you start your engine please check your battery water level make sure it is max level also plesae top up the water when battery in cold condition.
5th check your battery cable + & - make sure is no rust or dirt if accour you can use warm water to clean the dirt.
After all step u follow, then u can check your tyre ether make sure the tyre is not flat.then u can start your car and enjoy your ride.

Monday, August 27, 2007

डेसेल engine tips and trouble shooting

Welcome to my blog you'll learn about engine tips and guidline how to trouble shooting your engine before ask the mechanic or repairer to repair your vehicle.